Job 8:8-10

8 “Ask the older generation,
and consider what their ancestors found out;
9 for we who were born yesterday know nothing,
our days on earth are but a shadow.
10 They will teach you, they will tell you,
they will say what is in their hearts:

In this day of tech pop and a unatural focus on youth, we as a nation have forgotten to seek advice from those that have already survived many trials. I have always loved history and my family history. Today I can see how the generational blessings of my ancestors were passed on to me as well as some generational curses. Yet if I had not talked to my parents and grandparents and elders in my congrgation I would not understand how these blessings and curses were supposed to bring me closer to Adonai, so that I could trust in Yeshua’s salvation. It is only learning of the narrow path from those who have already walked it that we as younger belivers will know it when we see it.


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