Numbers 11:4

4 Next, the mixed crowd that was with them grew greedy for an easier life; while the people of Isra’el, for their part, also renewed their weeping and said, “If only we had meat to eat!

Adonai has commanded us to be set apart from this world, for this very reason, when we get distracted with worldly things we forget all that God has done for us. The Nation of Israel has been liberated from Egypt by 11 great miracles, so great that people from other nations joined them. Yet these people have little to no knowledge of Adonai so they are the first to complain and lead the children of Israel into rebellion. When Yeshua summed up the Torah it was first love God with everything we have then love our neighbors as ourselves, believers in Adonai so they might come to know Him too. Lord let my trust in You be a mantle over me so that others may come to know You, and keep me from getting distracted with worldly things. I ask this in Yeshua’s name Amen.


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