Numbers 15:15-16

15 For this community there will be the same law for you as for the foreigner living with you; this is a permanent regulation through all your generations; the foreigner is to be treated the same way before Adonai as yourselves. 16 The same Torah and standard of judgment will apply to both you and the foreigner living with you.’”

God’s Word is for everyone and will be applied to everyone equally. To the Jew first and then to the Nations. Why the Jews first, because Adonai picked them to be a priestly nation to lead the rest of the world to Him. Does that make the rest of us any less, no because Adonai said it is equall for all. As Sha’ul said trust in Yeshua’s sacrifice fulfills Torah and brings us in as joint heirs to the nationstate of Israel. Thank You Abba for giving us a word that stands as the rule for all.


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