The Word

Galatians 2:19

19 For it was through letting the Torah speak for itself that I died to its traditional legalistic misinterpretation, so that I might live in direct relationship with God.

Sha’ul is writing to the body of believers in Galatia, but it could be me today. For years I followed what well meaning people told me the Word of God said, yet until I started reading for myself my comprehesion, my understanding was lacking. Thank you Adonai for giving us direction of your Word.


2 thoughts on “The Word

  1. Legalistic? It’s the word of G-d and His commandment to be kept forever and ever and ever.


    1. Dude I was going back over the few comments people have and I saw yours about my understanding of a verse from Galatians. I want you to understand I was not speaking to or about Torah and the prophets but about people’s interpretations that are incorrect. That for many years of my life I didn’t bother to read the Word but took what people told me as the Word. Just as Sha’ul stopped with listening to other people’s interpretations it was the Word itself in Torah that brought him closer to God.


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