Joshua 6:11-14

11 So he had the ark of Adonai make a circle around the city, going around it once; then they returned to camp and stayed in the camp. 12 The next morning Y’hoshua got up early, and the cohanim took up the ark of Adonai. 13 The seven cohanim carrying the seven shofars ahead of the ark of Adonai went on, continually blowing on their shofars, with the fighting men marching ahead of them and the rearguard following after the ark of Adonai; all the while the blowing on the shofars was incessant. 14 The second day, they went around the city once and returned to camp. They did the same for six days.

Any great move of Adonai is preceeded by a time of preparation. He tends our hearts and spirits so that we may receive more fully the blessings He has in store for us. Abba please encourage in me an attitude of expectant waiting so I will always be ready to move at Your Word. Amen.


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