1 Samuel 16:21-23

21 David came to Sha’ul and presented himself to him. Sha’ul took a great liking to him and made him his armor-bearer. 22 Sha’ul sent a message to Yishai: “Please let David stay in my service, because I’m pleased with him.” 23 So it was that whenever the [evil] spirit from God came over Sha’ul, David would take the lyre and play it, with the result that Sha’ul would find relief and feel better, as the evil spirit left him.

Adonai places us in situations so that we can use the experience if we choose to serve for His glory. David a young shepard was placed at the foot of Sha’ul’s throne to learn how to manage a court and skills in leading men that David used from his time in the wilderness and through his reign. Father allow me to use my past to better serve you.


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