Matthew 27:1-4
When daybreak came, the ruling kohanim and elders of the people conspired against Yeshua to put Him to death. And they tied Him up, led Him away, and handed Him over to Pilate, the governor. Then Judah, His betrayer, saw that Yeshua had been condemned. Feeling remorse, he brought the thirty silver pieces back to the ruling kohanim and elders, saying, “I’ve sinned, betraying innocent blood!”
But they said, “What’s that to us? You see to it yourself!”
I don’t know what provoked Judah to betray Yeshua, other than the Word saying the enemy entered his heart. Yet his sin because of that betrayal was all his own. That is the way it is for all of us. We may be doing what everyone else is doing or even doing what our government would have us do, but if it is sin and goes against the Word of God, then the choice and so the sin is all our own to answer for.

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