The Saints

Revelation 8:9-10, 14-15

After this, I looked; and there before me was a huge crowd, too large for anyone to count, from every nation, tribe, people and language. They were standing in front of the throne and in front of the Lamb, dressed in white robes and holding palm branches in their hands; and they shouted,
“Victory to our God,
who sits on the throne,
and to the Lamb!”

“Sir,” I answered, “you know.” Then he told me, “These are the people who have come out of the Great Persecution. They have washed their robes and made them white with the blood of the Lamb. That is why they are before God’s throne.
“Day and night they serve him in his Temple;
and the One who sits on the throne
will put his Sh’khinah upon them.

In Revelation the Nation of Israel is numbered at 144,000, yet all believers from all the nations are allowed to worship and serve Adonai in the temple. This is contrary to those false religions that would limit the number of people in Heaven, trust in Yeshua’s sacrifice and God is all that is required.


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