Judges 6:25-31
That very night ADONAI said to him, “Take your father’s bull and the other bull, the seven-year-old. Destroy the altar to Ba’al that belongs to your father, cut down the sacred pole next to it, and build a proper altar to ADONAI your God on top of this strong-point. Then take the second bull; and offer it as a burnt offering, using the wood of the sacred pole you cut down.” Gid’on took ten of his servants and did what ADONAI had told him to do. He didn’t do it by day, because he was afraid of the men in his father’s household and those from the city, so he did it at night. When the men of the city got up the next morning, there was the altar of Ba’al destroyed, the sacred pole cut down, and the second bull a burnt offering on the newly built altar. They asked each other, “Who could have done this?” But after investigating, they concluded that Gid’on the son of Yo’ash had done it. “Bring out your son,” the men of the city demanded of Yo’ash, “so that he may die, because he destroyed the altar of Ba’al and cut down the sacred pole next to it!” But Yo’ash said to all those crowding around him, “You’re defending Ba’al, are you? It’s your job to save him? Anyone who defends Ba’al will be put to death before morning! If he’s a god, let him defend himself! After all, somebody destroyed his altar!”
Gid’on followed the direction of Adonai in his life immediately. He didn’t do it with courage or out of his strength but overcoming fear of reprisal from the community that he lived in. God will preserve us as He did Gid’on as long as we are operating under His will for our lives. Dear Lord let me be as quick to follow Your will in my life. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

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