1Samuel 28:1-2; 29:6-7
​ In due time the P’lishtim assembled their armies for war against Isra’el. Akhish told David, “You know, of course, that you and your men will join me and the army in battle.” David answered Akhish, “I see that you already know what your servant will do.” Akhish said to David, “For that answer, I am making you my personal bodyguard for life.”
So Akhish summoned David and said to him, “As ADONAI lives, you have been upright; and I myself would be more than pleased to have you go on campaign with me; because I haven’t found anything wrong with you between the day you arrived and now. However, the chiefs don’t trust you. Therefore, now, go on back; and go in peace, so as not to do what appears bad to the chiefs of the P’lishtim.
We are to honor the leaders Adonai places over us, as David did. God will cover us in those stressful times and deliver us from doing wrong just as He did David through the fear of the P’lishtim Chiefs. But our hearts must be also like David, focused always on Adonai.

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