Psalm 2:11
Serve ADONAI with fear;
rejoice, but with trembling.
To this day I cannot be comfortable in the room when the owner of the company I work for is in there. Not that I am doing anything wrong, just I have this overwhelming feeling that I need to be working to further our business than talking to him. It is the same with serving Adonai, we are not to be taking all our time basking in the sanctuaries that we attend but we are to be about the work that He has for us. We as a body are called to serve and yes that means we take time to worship and pray and listen to God, but that is only part. The rest we have to be in motion serving the Widow, Orphan and Foreigner so that they to may come to know Adonai and serve Him. Abba let my service be worthy of You. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

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