2 Samuel 17:25
Avshalom had put ‘Amasa in charge of the army in place of Yo’av. ‘Amasa was the son of a man whose name was Yitra the Isra’eli, who had had sexual relations with Avigal the daughter of Nachash, Tz’ruyah’s sister and Yo’av’s mother.
All of this stems from the rape of Avshalom’s sister and Avshalom’s failure to seek justice through Adonai. Instead of resolving the pain and anger in his heart by turning to God, he sets himself on a course of action that he deems proper and in the end rapes his father’s concubines in public and surrounds himself with rapist in leadership. In this life Adonai is sovereign but He has given us freewill to make eternity long decisions. Either we trust in Him and follow His will, or we follow our own, one leads to life and the other to death. We either break free of the chains of our past or we are doomed to repeat it and teach the next generation that it is acceptable.
Dear Lord I have done so much to turn people away from You by just being selfish and living in the moment. Forgive me God don’t let my misjudgements sit on the shoulders of my children but let them all know how much You love them and seek their salvation. I ask this all in Yeshua’s name, amen.

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