Psalm 30:12-13
You turned my mourning into dancing!
You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
so that my well-being can praise you and not be silent;
ADONAI my God, I will thank you forever!
I have a penchant for being a little emotional. Maybe because I am of Irish decent, or my Mother raised me to be, or I was put up for adoption, who knows, but I feel things deeply. If there is loss or a deep heartfelt moment depicted in a movie or show I will cry. So the grief I felt at the death of my first wife Ellen, the mother of my children and who I believed and still believe was my soul mate intended by Adonai, was overwhelming. I contemplated suicide, I abandon my trust in God because I was sure He had abandoned me, I lived on the outside not really connecting with anyone. There were friends who stood with me during this time, and new friends who brought me back to trust in God. And it was in that moment that I started walking out my trust in Adonai, our Lord God Almighty, that I began to understand why we must praise Him in all things. Because that is what gets us through, praising God and worshiping Him as He commanded is the show of trust that allows us to accept comfort and once in that comfort the reward of living for Him. I have since remarried in a covenant marriage as described in God’s Word and Sherri is definitely the music to my dance now. God has granted me love a second time when I didn’t think it was possible. My kids are healthy as well as the 11 grandkids (soon to be 12) and life is well life, exciting, crazy, busy! and why because He, Adonai Tza’vaot, the Lord of Host, the Leader of Heaven’s armies, took time with me in my praise of Him and turn by mourning into dancing, my sorrow into joy. Dear Lord let me always praise Your mighty name to the day of my last breath, just as all the saints before me. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen

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