1st Chronicles 23:27-28
For, according to David’s last instructions, the descendants of Levi twenty years old and over were to be counted. Their role was to assist the descendants of Aharon with the service of the house of ADONAI in the courtyards and rooms, and with purification of all the holy articles—in other words, with the work needed to minister in the house of God.
I am not a Levite, my ancestry is Irish as the day is long. Yet we are all called to serve Adonai in some capacity to further His work in our time. The congregation in Thessalonica supported Sha’ul through his imprisonment, David had his mighty men, Moshe had Aaron and Joshua, we all have places to serve if only we seek them out. Lord let me be the same as Your called people. Let me assist the cohanim You appoint so that the work needed to minister is accomplished in Your time. I ask this all in Yeshua’s name, amen.

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