1 Kings 15:4-5
Nevertheless, for David’s sake ADONAI his God gave him a lamp burning in Yerushalayim by establishing his son after him and making Yerushalayim secure. For David had done what was right from ADONAI’s perspective; he had not turned away from anything he had ordered him to do, as long as he lived, except in the matter of Uriyah the Hitti.
This was written about David’s great grandson, three generations removed from David. Aviyam was a terrible king, expanding idolatry and temple prostitution throughout all of Judah, still Adonai did not destroy his kingdom for David’s sake and because of how he had led his life. When we are right with God and live as He has called us our blessings that we receive echo through the generations so all may come to know Him! Dear Lord let me be like David blessing my family through all the generations, I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

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