Titus 3:13-14
Do your best to help Zenas the Torah expert and Apollos with their arrangements for travelling, so that they will lack nothing. And have our people learn to apply themselves to doing good deeds that meet genuine needs, so that they will not be unproductive.
As believers we are to continuously help one another in promoting the Word to the rest of the world. We do that by making sure anything we do addresses what the people we are ministering need. I am reminded of the acre of used clothes the city of New Orleans burned when the people had no food or water. Sure clean clothes would have been nice, but a shirt is not going to fix an empty belly or quench a person’s thirst. When we as believers bring help to someone, we have to make sure it takes care of the need so they can see the love of Adonai in the actions. Dear Abba do not let me be so blind that I cannot see the needs of those around me. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

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