1 Chronicles 28:11-13
Then David gave Shlomo his son the designs for the hall [of the temple], its buildings, its supply areas, its upper rooms, its inside rooms, and the place for the ark-cover; also the designs for everything he had been given by the Spirit—for the courtyards of the house of ADONAI, for all the rooms surrounding it, for the storehouses in the house of God, for the storehouses for the holy articles, and for the areas set aside for the cohanim and the L’vi’im; [arrangements] for the work involved in the service of the house of ADONAI and for all the articles needed for the service of the house of ADONAI;
ADONAI allowed David to see how the temple was going to be constructed filling the desire of his heart for his faithfulness, just as Moshe was allowed to see the promised land before his death. Sin kept them from completing what they would have liked but God let them glimpse the successes of their children before calling them home. Everything that we as believers do that is good will take root, we may not be the ones to complete it but it will grow and become a powerful witness for ADONAI. Lord I just praise You for all that You have done! There is nothing that is good and glorious that You did not have a hand in. Lord let me be satisfied as David in the work that You have given me now and see how it will grow in the times ahead. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

3 thoughts on “Sowing

  1. This is so well-written and inspiring. You have a very impressive style with your words and thoughts. Truly remarkable. I hope you could follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. Cheers! 🙂

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