Job 8:8-10

“Ask the older generation,

and consider what their ancestors found out;

for we who were born yesterday know nothing,

our days on earth are but a shadow.

They will teach you, they will tell you,

they will say what is in their hearts:


How often have I failed to listen to those older than me when they tried to teach me God’s ways.   From a culture of “don’t trust anyone over 30” that I was raised in to worship youth to the corruption of our children that has driven them in the broadest of terms spoiled self-indulgent individuals.  How many could I have influenced if I had respected the elders ADONIA had placed in my life to teach and edify my relationship with Him and others who trust in Yeshua.  Lord forgive me for my own self-indulgence in believing I could know better that those You place in my life to teach me from their own experiences with you.  Lord thank You for Your forgiveness to bring still others in my life that I can learn from.  Lord let me seal their teachings of You in my mind and heart, so I can serve You with the fullness that You have given my soul.  I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


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