Just my understanding of God’s Word

Luke 9:62

62 To him Yeshua said, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and keeps looking back is fit to serve in the Kingdom of God.”

I cannot fall back on past success and consider myself actively working for the Kingdom. Adonai commands that I actively show proof of my trust through action. Abba grant that I be that strong worker.


Worthy to Serve

1 Corinthians 7:17-20
Only let each person live the life the Lord has assigned him and live it in the condition he was in when God called him. This is the rule I lay down in all the congregations. Was someone already circumcised when he was called? Then he should not try to remove the marks of his circumcision. Was someone uncircumcised when he was called? He shouldn’t undergo b’rit-milah. Being circumcised means nothing, and being uncircumcised means nothing; what does mean something is keeping God’s commandments. Each person should remain in the condition he was in when he was called.
When we are called to serve ADONAI we are called with a purpose. As Sha’ul wrote in Romans all things work to the good of them worship the Lord, so all that experience and pruning that one brings to the body of believers is necessary for the body to grow. While we should be ashamed of our sin we should not be ashamed of how it’s pruning shaped us to serve ADONAI in His purpose. Lord let me be satisfied and fulfilled in all that You would have me do for You. Lord let me be bold despite my shame of my sin so the whole world can see Your healing hand. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

A New Creation

1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Or don’t you know that your body is a temple for the Ruach HaKodesh who lives inside you, whom you received from God? The fact is, you don’t belong to yourselves; for you were bought at a price. So use your bodies to glorify God.
There was a price paid to remove our sin, why would we cheapen that sacrifice by saying we are saved but continuing to dwell in sin. Lord I know I am rough around the edges and I tend to cling to things that I should let go. Forgive me in my struggles and continue to goad me in Your service. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

Guard against sin

1 Corinthians 5:1-2
​ It is actually being reported that there is sexual sin among you, and it is sexual sin of a kind that is condemned even by pagans—a man is living with his stepmother! And you stay proud? Shouldn’t you rather have felt some sadness that would have led you to remove from your company the man who has done this thing?

In an effort to be inclusive to all people, we as the body of believers have become like the congregation in Corinth, including those who have no business being included. This is not a judgement about people’s sin, we have all sinned, but Yeshua has always told us to “go and sin no more.” That was the problem in Corinth, the man was unrepentant and not giving up his selfish desire. We are to give up our unnatural selfish sin for a supernatural selfless salvation. We are to be that new creation in Yeshua. Lord let me always be clean before You, leaning only on Your Word and helping others to see Your salvation in Yeshua. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


Joshua 3:5
Y’hoshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, because tomorrow ADONAI is going to work wonders among you.”
ADONAI’s Spirit cannot move among the body of believers unless we take the time to consecrate ourselves to Him. As long as the dirt and filth of the world clings to us, or more accurately we cling to it saying to ourselves “did God really say that” there cannot be any great outpouring. The whole nation of Israel consecrated themselves and Jericho fell. One man sinned and the nation was defeated at Ai. Lord forgive me my own shortfalls and let me look always to You for my salvation. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


1 Corinthians 2:9
But, as the Tanakh says,
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard
and no one’s heart has imagined
all the things that God has prepared
for those who love him.”
There is no way we can out serve our God. He is there for all that we need in this world so that we can tell others about Him. Just where I am at today not really anymore observation than that. Glory to You ADONAI who created all things and has known me outside of time itself that I would come to worship You. Praise be Your Name, amen.

Heart centered

Deuteronomy 30:10-14
“However, all this will happen only if you pay attention to what ADONAI your God says, so that you obey his mitzvot and regulations which are written in this book of the Torah, if you turn to ADONAI your God with all your heart and all your being. (LY: vi) For this mitzvah which I am giving you today is not too hard for you, it is not beyond your reach. It isn’t in the sky, so that you need to ask, ‘Who will go up into the sky for us, bring it to us and make us hear it, so that we can obey it?’ Likewise, it isn’t beyond the sea, so that you need to ask, ‘Who will cross the sea for us, bring it to us and make us hear it, so that we can obey it?’ On the contrary, the word is very close to you—in your mouth, even in your heart; therefore, you can do it!
It is not rocket science or some massive task ADONAI in His ultimate wisdom has let all of us understand who He is by putting a little of Himself in all of us, that spark of life, so that we can come back to Him. As Moshe said Torah is in our hearts if only we open them to trusting in ADONAI and accepting the sacrifice of Yeshua for removing our sin. Lord let me always focus on You no matter what is going on around me. Let me see You in all things using the Torah You have put in my heart as the lens to see where I can serve You. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

Fooling Oneself

Deuteronomy 29:18-20
If there is such a person, when he hears the words of this curse, he will bless himself secretly, saying to himself, ‘I will be all right, even though I will stubbornly keep doing whatever I feel like doing; so that I, although “dry,” [sinful,] will be added to the “watered” [righteous].’ But ADONAI will not forgive him. Rather, the anger and jealousy of ADONAI will blaze up against that person. Every curse written in this book will be upon him. ADONAI will blot out his name from under heaven. ADONAI will single him out from all the tribes of Isra’el to experience what is bad in all the curses of the covenant written in this book of the Torah.
There is no righteousness in keeping with worldly ways. No amount of time in the pew, or donations of money is going to wash away sin, there is only one narrow way for that, accepting the sacrifice of Yeshua. And this isn’t a “Torah” issue, even Yeshua said there would be many that he said he never knew. The result of that is that we turn from our worldly ways and take up his, defending the poor, healing the sick and spreading His Word to others. Failure to do so is to be blotted out of the “Book of Life” forever. Lord continue Your goading of me and convict me when I fail and fall back to my sinful ways. Guard me from my selfishness and let me always fully serve You I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

Torah’s Fruit

Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, self control. Nothing in the Torah stands against such things.
The grace that ADONAI has show us through the sacrifice of His Son Yeshua does not nullify Torah, instead it fulfills it. All the gifts of the Ruach, the Spirit, are the same gifts from Torah. Yet if we make Torah, the Word from God, more important than God himself, then we have made an idol. Torah shows us what sin is, tells us how to worship ADONAI and how to treat our fellow man. Because we cannot save ourselves from our sin ADONAI in His grace provided the ultimate sacrifice a part of Himself in His Son Yeshua, so that when we accept this sacrifice and participate in this, we can be filled with the Ruach so that we all can experience love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self control. Abba thank You for Your grace and power in our lives. May I always give thanks for Your blessings on my life. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


Galatians 4:18-19
To be zealous is good, provided always that the cause is good. Indeed, whether I am present with you or not, my dear children, I am suffering the pains of giving birth to you all over again—and this will go on until the Messiah takes shape in you.
Zealousness as Sha’ul describes is a good thing. To pursue with his whole heart to seek the salvation of not just Galatia but to all that He preached to. But this type of zealousness also has a cost, the pain of seeing those you are witnessing to stumble, whether from their own misunderstandings or from outside influences that distract them from Yeshua. It is this pain that can keep us from being zealous for others salvation. Lord I have been hurt from failing to live up to Your Word and I have failed others in not being zealous in encouraging them in their walk with You. Forgive me for my lack of support for others and set in me the fire that You gave to Kefa and Sha’ul. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

Commanded to Care

Deuteronomy 19:14-21
“You are not to move your neighbor’s boundary marker from the place where people put it long ago, in the inheritance soon to be yours in the land ADONAI your God is giving you to possess.
“One witness alone will not be sufficient to convict a person of any offense or sin of any kind; the matter will be established only if there are two or three witnesses testifying against him.
“If a malicious witness comes forward and gives false testimony against someone, then both the men involved in the controversy are to stand before ADONAI, before the cohanim and the judges in office at the time. The judges are to investigate carefully. If they find that the witness is lying and has given false testimony against his brother, you are to do to him what he intended to do to his brother. In this way, you will put an end to such wickedness among you. Those who remain will hear about it, be afraid and no longer commit such wickedness among you. Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.
It seems to me we have forgotten these precepts in modern America. Frivolous lawsuits, Eminent Domain overreach, Corporate overreach, has made us a society where the widows and orphans are marginalized and forgotten and where are we, the Body of Believers, who are supposed to stop this? It was this lack of caring for the community that got Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed. God forgive us if we are following in their footsteps. Lord let me stand where I can, to defend the disenfranchised as You have taught us to do. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen