Amos 7:14-15
‘Amos gave this answer to Amatzyah: “I am not trained as a prophet, and I’m not one of the guild prophets—I own sheep and grow figs. But ADONAI took me away from following the flock, and ADONAI said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to my people Isra’el.’
One never knows how Adonai will use us as we follow Him. The important thing is to be obedient and willing to do as we are commanded just like Amos a farmer and shepherd was willing to leave all he knew to bring the word of God to the northern kingdom of Israel. Lord let me be always willing to serve when You call. Give me the understanding to do as You ask so that it will bring praise back to You. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


Psalm 86:11
ADONAI, teach me your way,
so that I can live by your truth;
make me single-hearted,
so that I can fear your name.
For so much of my life I have based my understanding of God on what other people told me. Willing to accept other people’s interpretation of the scriptures and their opinions on what they “actually mean”. It wasn’t until I lost my first wife and started reading the bible on a daily basis that I begun to find the richness of Adonai’s love for me. From that a daily communion of study and prayer has grown and I can see some of God’s direction in my life, as Sha’ul says a smokey mirror that will come clear when we are reunited. Dear Father thank You for all that You have blessed me with, loving Parents, children and grandchildren, a new wife, a chance to share again, and dear friends who are willing to stand with me in spite of who I am. Lord keep me focused on You, so others can also know this comfort, I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


2 Timothy 4:2-5
proclaim the Word! Be on hand with it whether the time seems right or not. Convict, censure and exhort with unfailing patience and with teaching.
For the time is coming when people will not have patience for sound teaching, but will cater to their passions and gather around themselves teachers who say whatever their ears itch to hear. Yes, they will stop listening to the truth, but will turn aside to follow myths.
But you, remain steady in every situation, endure suffering, do the work that a proclaimer of the Good News should, and do everything your service to God requires.
I believe we are living in this time that Sha’ul is describing now. Trust in Adonai has been corrupted into thousands of religions with rules that don’t line up with the Word. Immorality has become “normal” while the moral are slighted and maligned. Yet in all of this we as believers are called to be constant, abiding in our trust, and serving as Adonai calls us to. It is by clinging to Him that we will be preserved. Lord let me always turn first to You. You are my hope and salvation, my strength and shield. Keep me always and let that be the example to this World. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


2 Timothy 2:14-15
But you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, recalling the people from whom you learned it; and recalling too how from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which can give you the wisdom that leads to deliverance through trusting in Yeshua the Messiah.
Sha’ul is exhorting Timothy to rely on his foundation of trust as Timothy goes forward in spreading the gospel. All of us as believers have this foundation, people we can trust that are like minded and can lift us up in dark seasons and the Holy Scriptures that all point to trust in Yeshua ha Mashiach. It is this rock, this cornerstone that we as believers stand on during the storms of our lives so that we may show the world Adonai’s love. Abba thank You for Your Word with which all creation was made. Thank You for a path of salvation through Yeshua and the rest we have in abiding by Your Word. Praise You in all seasons, praise Your holy name, amen.


2 Timothy 1:6-7
For this reason, I am reminding you to fan the flame of God’s gift, which you received through s’mikhah from me. For God gave us a Spirit who produces not timidity, but power, love and self-discipline.

Adonai gives us gifts with which to tell others of His kingdom. These gifts are not to set dormant in a shelf until so feast day or used only once a week and then forgotten. We are to use them every day so that the Spirit can grow them in us so that we reach more people with God’s love. Lord let me focus every day upon You so that all may come to know Your Word in their hearts. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

In spite of

1 Timothy 4:12
Don’t let anyone look down on you because of your youth; on the contrary, set the believers an example in your speech, behavior, love, trust and purity.
As believers all of us have something that we believe that will hold us back from serving Adonai. For Timothy it was his youth, for me it is something else but there is some weakness there that on our own we would not be able to serve but through God’s strength by the indwelling Spirit we can overcome our limitations and serve with distinction. Dear God You fill me with Your awesomeness how can I do anything but serve You. Thank You Adonai for using my weakness as a show of Your strength. Amen.


2 Kings 6:15-17
The servant of the man of God got up early in the morning; on going outside, he saw an army with horses and chariots surrounding the city. His servant said to him, “Oh, my master, this is terrible! What are we going to do?” He answered, “Don’t be afraid—those who are with us outnumber those who are with them!” Elisha prayed,”ADONAI, I ask you to open his eyes, so that he can see.” Then ADONAI opened the young man’s eyes, and he saw: there before him, all around Elisha, the mountain was covered with horses and fiery chariots.
Too many times I have been like the servant, see only the obstacles in my walk with God and not like Elisha, being able to see Adonai preserving me, that is until after the fact. Abba thank You for all the goadings and course corrections You have given me so far. Lord fill me a spirit like Elisha, always ready and able to serve and see You. Let me live a life that brings honor to you as Sha’ul wrote to Timothy. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


1 Timothy 2:8
Therefore, it is my wish that when the men pray, no matter where, they should lift up hands that are holy—they should not become angry or get into arguments.
How many times have my prayers been cold and insufficient because of the anger I was holding on to. Sha’ul tells us it is okay to be angry but it should only be in the moment like a lightning strike and then gone not something we nurture day after day. It is this prolonged anger that becomes the idol in our lives replacing the love of the Father for something that can cut us off from everyone. Lord cleanse me and keep me worthy of Your service. Forgive me for my vendettas and forgive me as I forgive and release the anger in me. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


1 Timothy 1:4-7
Have them stop devoting their attention to myths and never-ending genealogies; these divert people to speculating instead of doing God’s work, which requires trust. The purpose of this order is to promote love from a clean heart, from a good conscience and from sincere trust. Some, by aiming amiss, have wandered off into fruitless discussion. They want to be teachers of Torah, but they understand neither their own words nor the matters about which they make such emphatic pronouncements.

As believers it is of the utmost importance that we read and re-read the Word. Only then can we discern through some of the gobbledygook that is out there whether a person is speaking truth or just trying to gain false honor. Lord keep me from such pratter and convict me when I get pompous, let all I do serve You. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


Colossians 3:23
Whatever work you do, put yourself into it, as those who are serving not merely other people, but the Lord.
As believers the way we work for other people is just as much a witness for Adonai as our words are. I know I have failed at this many times not thinking about showing God to the world but getting wrapped up in my own selfishness of being lazy, or tasked with what I think is beneath me so only doing half-hearted work. Lord forgive me when I get discouraged and lose my focus on You and let my selfishness take over. Refresh me Abba so no matter what work I am doing it reflects Your Word in my Life so others may come to know you. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.