With Love

1 Corinthians 13:1-3

I may speak in the tongues of men, even angels;
but if I lack love, I have become merely
blaring brass or a cymbal clanging.
I may have the gift of prophecy,
I may fathom all mysteries, know all things,
have all faith—enough to move mountains;
but if I lack love, I am nothing.
I may give away everything that I own,
I may even hand over my body to be burned;
but if I lack love, I gain nothing.

Without the Love of God in our lives all these actions are selfish and self-centered. Balim knew Adonai, talked to Adonai but did so without love so perverted the position he had into a way of pronouncing blessings and curses for a price. His sin was even listed in Revelation. Yet when we do these actions with love we build community, trusting in the leadership of Adonai. Dear Lord keep me and let me always use Your love as the measure on how I deal with my fellow man. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


Mark 6:14-16

Meanwhile, King Herod heard about this, for Yeshua’s reputation had spread. Some were saying, “Yochanan the Immerser has been raised from the dead; that is why these miraculous powers are at work in him.” Others said, “It is Eliyahu!” and still others, “He is a prophet, like one of the old prophets.” But when Herod heard about it, he said, “Yochanan, whom I had beheaded, has been raised.”

So many times I have heard the Word of Adonai in my life but like Herod denied the Author of that Word so it would not truely touch my soul. Adonai in all His Greatness has provided a healing for everything that keeps us sick in sin. Yeshua’s blood for all time has redeemed us back to God if we would only trust and quit tring to rationalize the supernatural in our lives. Thank You God for Your sacrifice in Yeshua, Your Word on our lives through the Ruach, Your rulership in my life, amen.


Numbers 18:25-29
ADONAI said to Moshe, “Tell the L’vi’im, ‘When you take from the people of Isra’el the tenth of the produce which I have given you from them as your inheritance, you are to set aside from it a gift for ADONAI, one tenth of the tenth. The gift you set aside will be accounted to you as if it were grain from the threshing-floor and grape juice from the wine vat. In this way you will set aside a gift for ADONAI from all your tenths that you receive from the people of Isra’el, and from these tenths you are to give to Aharon the cohen the gift set aside for ADONAI. From everything given to you, you are to set aside all that is due ADONAI, the best part of it, its holy portion.’
What trust is this! The High Priest of the Nation of Israel, the Cohen Gadol was to receive one one hundredth of the riches of the land. In order for Adonai to bless Him, He would have to bless all the L’vi’im who received one tenth, which in turn means Adonai would have to bless the whole nation in order for them to live off the ninety percent they kept for themselves. Tithing blesses the whole nation when done with trust and rejoicing in the this act of worship! Praise Your Lord for Your provision! Amen!

Joy filled

Psalm 90:14-15

Fill us at daybreak with your love,
so that we can sing for joy as long as we live.
Let our joy last as long as the time you made us suffer,
for as many years as we experienced trouble.

I have been and continue in a season of pruning, as Adonai removes things from my life that I clinged to more than Him. My preservation in this time has been His Word, as Moshe wrote all those years ago “fill us at daybreak with Your love.” Without godly friends encouraging me to study the Word everyday and journal I do not know if I would be who I am now, let alone where I am. I know without the Word despair and grief can grind you into nothingness. So Praise God and let our joy last longer than our sorrow, I ask this in Yeshua’s mighty name, amen.

To the Jew first then the World

Acts 28:24-28
Some were convinced by what he said, while others refused to believe.
So they left, disagreeing among themselves, after Sha’ul had made one final statement: “The Ruach HaKodesh spoke well in saying to your fathers through Yesha’yahu the prophet,
‘Go to this people and say,
“You will keep on hearing but never understand,
and you will keep on seeing but never perceive,
because the heart of this people has grown thick—
with their ears they barely hear,
and their eyes they have closed,
for fear that they should see with their eyes,
hear with their ears,
understand with their heart,
and do t’shuvah,
so that I could heal them.”‘
Therefore, let it be known to you that this salvation of God has been sent to the Goyim, and they will listen!”
Even in chains in Rome, Sha’ul went to the Jews first recalling them to come back to Adonai. Yet when many rejected God’s Word through Sha’ul he was again released to witness to the rest of the World. Narrow is the path and difficult to follow. Dear God I pray that we all can find this path and come to know You as our Father. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen


Numbers 7:6-9
So Moshe took the wagons and oxen and gave them to the L’vi’im. He gave two wagons and four oxen to the descendants of Gershon, in keeping with the needs of their duties. Four wagons and eight oxen he gave to the descendants of M’rari, in keeping with the needs of their duties, directed by Itamar the son of Aharon the cohen. But to the descendants of K’hat he gave none, because their duties involved the holy articles, which they carried on their own shoulders.
While all things are given to us by Adonai there are some things that He would have us set aside and treat as Holy, Nothing common or what we use daily should touch this. For me this is my tithe, 10% of my income set aside before I buy anything and consecrated for Adonai’s use and my how I spend my time on Shabbat. Lord, I am not perfect in this reverent attitude, keep pruning me into the man I need to be to serve You, I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


Numbers 26:6

“Tell the people of Isra’el, ‘When a man or woman commits any kind of sin against another person and thus breaks faith with ADONAI, he incurs guilt.

Our relationship with each other is wrapped up in our relationship with Adonai. Every time we take advantage of our brothers and sisters we are provoking God who is their sovereign as well. Lord let me be fair and just with everyone I deal with, and not only that but forgiving as You have forgiven us through Yeshua’s sacrifice. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen


Acts 24:14-16
“But this I do admit to you: I worship the God of our fathers in accordance with the Way (which they call a sect). I continue to believe everything that accords with the Torah and everything written in the Prophets. And I continue to have a hope in God—which they too accept—that there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous. Indeed, it is because of this that I make a point of always having a clear conscience in the sight of both God and man.

What a powerful statement by Sha’ul, all promise of a resurrection is in the Torah and the prophets. By studying and understanding the Word he was able to follow Yeshua when convicted, to get past the religion and find his trust in Adonai. Lord instill in me this conviction that no matter the trouble I face I can stand and say I have a clear conscience in the sight of both God and man, for my trust in You. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.

His Path

Psalm 25:4-5

Make me know your ways, ADONAI,
teach me your paths.
Guide me in your truth, and teach me;
for you are the God who saves me,
my hope is in you all day long.

Nothing I do under my own strength and understanding is worth anything, because Adonai is not glorified in selfish actions. Yet when I cling to His Word and follow in His ways I am blessed. There may still be struggle but it is the struggle of creation and refinement leading to celebration and joy, but only if I stay on His path and in His Word.