1 Corinthians 13:13
But for now, three things last—
trust, hope, love;
and the greatest of these is love.
While all these last, I pray that we all can experience the love when we spend eternity with ADONAI. Lord let the love of people grow in me, I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


Genesis 39:11-15
However, one day, when he went into the house to do his work, and none of the men living in the house was there indoors, she grabbed him by his robe and said, “Sleep with me!” But he fled, leaving his robe in her hand, and got himself outside. When she saw that he had left his robe in her hand and had escaped, she called the men of her house and said to them, “Look at this! My husband brought in a Hebrew to make fools of us. He came in and wanted to sleep with me, but I yelled out loudly. When he heard me yelling like that, he left his robe with me and ran out.”

Never should two people of the opposite sex be left alone together outside of marriage. It gives way to the possibility of sexual assault or as in Yosef’s case sexual slander which led to his imprisonment. Lord in this world of so much pain give us wisdom to stay apart from such folly. I ask this in Yeshua’s name amen.


Galatians 2:21
I do not reject God’s gracious gift; for if the way in which one attains righteousness is through legalism, then the Messiah’s death was pointless.
It is only through the blood of the sacrifice one can be saved from the judgement of the sin one has committed. It is not by attendance to a religious service, or donating to charities, or just being a “good guy”. Salvation only comes by participating in the sacrifice of Yeshua, that trusting in His shed blood to atone for our sin, and accepting the infilling of the Ruach haKodesh to keep us in the safety and comfort of ADONAI’s hand. Lord let me never forget that You have made the path straight for me and I am the one that is prone to wander. Keep me on the narrow path and let me focus on the race so that I may hear also “you have run the race, fought the good fight, so come into your rest my good and faithful servant.” I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


Acts 6:1-4
​ Around this time, when the number of talmidim was growing, the Greek-speaking Jews began complaining against those who spoke Hebrew that their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution. So the Twelve called a general meeting of the talmidim and said, “It isn’t appropriate that we should neglect the Word of God in order to serve tables. Brothers, choose seven men from among yourselves who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will appoint them to be in charge of this important matter, but we ourselves will give our full attention to praying and to serving the Word.”
Division inside the body can only lead to one thing, distraction from the leading of the Ruach in our lives. When any group of people inside the body feel that they are entitled to something that denies the rest of the body from participating, such as the division between the Hebrew speaking and Greek speaking Jews it can destroy the mission of that congregation. Only by submitting to the leadership of God in our lives can we avoid such division. Abba let me be like Stephen and serve where I am called. Do not let me be the cause of division in Your bride but hold forth in keeping Your people together like the Good Shepherd with His flock. I ask this in Yeshua’s name, amen.


Joshua 17:14-18

14 Then the descendants of Yosef spoke to Y’hoshua; they said, “Why have you given me only one lot and only one portion to inherit? After all, I am a great people, since Adonai has blessed me so.” 15 Y’hoshua answered them, “If you are a great people, go up to the forest, and clear land for yourself there in the territory of the P’rizi and the Refa’im — since the hills of Efrayim don’t give you enough space.” 16 The descendants of Yosef replied, “The hills won’t be enough for us; and all the Kena‘ani living in the valleys have iron chariots — both those in Beit-Sh’an and its villages and those in the Yizre‘el Valley.” 17 Then Y’hoshua said to the house of Yosef, to both Efrayim and M’nasheh, “You are a great people with much power; you will not have only one lot, 18 but the hills too will be yours. Although it is a forest, you will clear it, and the resulting open land will be yours. You will drive out the Kena‘ani, even though they have iron chariots and are strong.”

Anything that is given to me has the value the giver placed on it, anything I earned has the value I put into it. The decendants of Yosef were looking for more handouts not realizing Adonai had already have them victory of the would but trust and do the work. Lord let me see all opportunities You give me and give me the discernment to execute correctly and quickly.


Galatians 6:1-2

6 Brothers, suppose someone is caught doing something wrong. You who have the Spirit should set him right, but in a spirit of humility, keeping an eye on yourselves so that you won’t be tempted too. 2 Bear one another’s burdens — in this way you will be fulfilling the Torah’s true meaning, which the Messiah upholds.

Correction is never easy, and when I have had to receive it the shame of knowing others know of my sin made it difficult to receive. Yet my parents, leaders and brothers who have corrected me, praise God, did so as Sha’ul describes, not gloating or with superiority to crush me but with care and humility to lift me up to be a better person. Thank you Abba for all the living ox goads You have put in my life. Amen.


Numbers 15:15-16

15 For this community there will be the same law for you as for the foreigner living with you; this is a permanent regulation through all your generations; the foreigner is to be treated the same way before Adonai as yourselves. 16 The same Torah and standard of judgment will apply to both you and the foreigner living with you.’”

God’s Word is for everyone and will be applied to everyone equally. To the Jew first and then to the Nations. Why the Jews first, because Adonai picked them to be a priestly nation to lead the rest of the world to Him. Does that make the rest of us any less, no because Adonai said it is equall for all. As Sha’ul said trust in Yeshua’s sacrifice fulfills Torah and brings us in as joint heirs to the nationstate of Israel. Thank You Abba for giving us a word that stands as the rule for all.